Introducing Apple Vision Pro: Appleā€™s first spatial computer

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Apple Vision Pro brings a new dimension to powerful, personal computing by changing the way users interact with their favorite apps, capture and relive memories, enjoy.

First Impression

The Apple Vision Pro, sporting a sleek design, boasts remarkable power as a mixed reality headset. With its advanced features like eye and hand tracking, as well as sharp micro-OLED displays, this device provides an immersive experience. Whether you are engrossed in captivating videos, handling serious office multitasking, indulging in gaming adventures, or engaging in reimagined FaceTime calls, the Vision Pro delivers. However, given its hefty price tag of $3,499, it will undoubtedly require truly ground-breaking applications to validate such an investment.

What possibilities does the Vision Pro unlock for you?

The Most Advanced Personal Electronics Device Ever

The Apple Vision Pro pushes the boundaries of ambition so far that Apple refrains from labelling it a mere VR or AR headset. Instead, it is hailed as a spatial computer, which Apple proudly dubs as the “most advanced personal electronics device ever.” This assertion carries significant weight, considering Apple’s track record with ground breaking innovations like the iPhone. The price attached to this remarkable device is equally substantial, standing at $3,499, emphasizing the exceptional value it offers.

Vision Pro With Multiple Functions

The Vision Pro impresses with its formidable power, housing not only the M2 chip but also a cutting-edge R1 chip built for lightning-fast real-time processing, it scheduled for an early release next year. This advanced device incorporates eye tracking, hand control, and voice control, ensuring seamless interaction.

Moreover, it boasts a lightweight and comfortable design, prioritizing user comfort. Apple has meticulously considered various applications for the Vision Pro, envisioning enhanced productivity when paired with Mac, a fresh FaceTime experience, captivating video immersion, gaming adventures, and the ability to effortlessly capture photos and videos.

apple's vision pro
Image Credit: Apple

Undoubtedly, the Vision Pro’s offerings are substantial, presenting an array of features. However, it lacks that definitive experience or standout killer app that would justify the considerable investment.

Fortunately, there’s a silver lining : Apple still has ample time to craft and deliver those extraordinary experiences. Despite the anticipation, the headset won’t hit the market until early 2024, allowing Apple to fine-tune and polish its offerings for an unforgettable user experience.

It’s Design and Look

When you lay your eyes on the Apple Vision Pro up close, it exudes a futuristic charm akin to a cutting-edge set of goggles. And I say this with predominantly positive connotations. The 3D-formed glass showcases a sleek and refined surface, while the robust aluminium alloy frame exudes durability. Notably, the Light Seal that sits between the headset and your face boasts a pleasantly soft texture. It is available in multiple sizes, ensuring a customized fit that caters to your unique facial contours.

While the initial impressions of the Vision Pro seem promising, a few concerns do arise. Firstly, the headset necessitates a constant tethering to an external battery, which means there will be a wire extending from your head. It requires careful management to connect to the battery in your pocket. But, despite its lightweight design, the headset cannot be considered compact or small. In terms of achieving the sleekness of Apple Glasses, we are still considerably distant from that vision, indicating there is room for improvement in terms of size and portability.

apple's vision pro
Image Credit: Apple

Simultaneously Displaying Multiple Apps

Beginning with the ability to utilize a larger canvas for simultaneously displaying multiple apps, the Vision Pro presents a diverse range of applications. For instance, envision having a music player pinned to the left. Messages on the right, and a spacious browser window in the centre. Remarkably, you can even extend your MacBook’s display by simply directing your gaze towards it while wearing the Vision Pro.

Another noteworthy feature is the capability to glance at the address bar and verbally communicate the desired website name instead of manually typing it. This intelligent mode of interaction demonstrates a clever and intuitive approach to engagement.Moreover, Apple has revolutionized the FaceTime experience with the Vision Pro. Utilizing the front cameras, the device can capture your digital Persona, replicating your facial expressions and hand gestures during video calls.

While it might not be suitable for personal conversations, this feature proves valuable for professional engagements, enabling the use of your Persona during business calls. Additionally, other participants in the call will appear as floating images in front of your field of view, creating a unique and immersive communication environment.

The Vision Pro With Impressive Features

When it is time to relax and indulge in a movie, the Vision Pro goes above and beyond. It recreates an expansive 100-foot-wide screen right in front of your eyes, complemented by immersive Spatial Audio. Prepare to be captivated by stunning 4K resolution while enjoying your favourite movies and TV shows. Moreover, the Vision Pro seamlessly supports 3D movie playback, allowing you to immerse yourself in a truly three-dimensional cinematic experience.

vision pro impressive feature
Image Credit: Apple

At launch, Apple promises a vast selection of over 100 Apple Arcade games that will be compatible with the Vision Pro, ensuring an extensive gaming library right from the start. Moreover, the headset will seamlessly integrate with game controllers, enhancing the gaming experience. However, the real excitement lies in the anticipation of games explicitly crafted for the Vision Pro, taking full advantage of its augmented reality capabilities and the remarkable ability to interpret hand gestures.

Apple Vision Pro purposefully designed for remarkable photos and videos

The prospect of experiencing innovative gameplay that leverages these unique features is something to eagerly look forward to.Immersive memories await with the Apple Vision Pro, as it is purposefully designed to transport you into a world of remarkable photos and videos, offering an experience that feels life-size in scale.

Witness the breath-taking beauty of Panorama shots as if you were physically present in the moment. However, the true excitement lies in the Vision Pro’s 3D camera capabilities, which enable you to capture spatial photos and videos. This opens up a whole new realm of possibilities, allowing you to preserve moments in a way that goes beyond traditional imaging, adding depth and a sense of immersion to your captured memories.

While the ability to capture 3D content with the Vision Pro is undeniably impressive, it raises concerns about potential distractions for those around you, particularly during joyful moments like singing “Happy Birthday!” It is important to consider the context and social dynamics before deciding to wear the headset during such occasions. Balancing personal enjoyment with consideration for others’ experiences is key to ensuring a harmonious and inclusive environment.

As powerful as a force of nature, yet with a battery life that leaves something to be desired

The Vision Pro dazzles with micro OLED displays, surpassing 4K resolution with an astounding 23 million pixels. Compact in size, these displays offer an immersive visual experience. Complementing this, the Spatial Audio System, equipped with audio pods on both sides of the headset, ensures personalized and captivating audio that enhances the overall immersion. While the Vision Pro delivers an enjoyable experience, its longevity falls somewhat short. Relying on an external battery pack, it offers approximately 2 hours of usage before necessitating a recharge.


The Apple Vision Pro sparks both excitement and concerns. The true potential of the device remains unknown, as we are yet to witness the innovations and creations that developers will unleash upon it. Nevertheless, with a hefty price tag of $3,499, the Vision Pro falls into the category of being prohibitively expensive for many. As a result, most individuals will likely opt to forego this headset and patiently await a more budget friendly alternative. I will share my updated impressions once I have the opportunity to personally experience the Vision Pro.

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